Complete WordPress Sites with IDX

Do I have to arrange hosting and WordPress installation for my Optima OmniPress site?

No. The price of an Optima OmniPress sites includes hosting and WordPress setup as well as one domain name.

What theme options are available for Optima OmniPress websites?

A variety of real estate-specific themes are available to choose from in the WordPress Admin area of an OmniPress website. These are the only themes that can be used with OmniPress websites.

If you have found a specific theme you’d like to use for your website, you can arrange for hosting the website yourself and use our Optima Express plugin to add IDX search and lead capture features to your website.

I’m not very technical. Is an Optima OmniPress WordPress site right for me?

Yes. Optima OmniPress sites give you all the benefits of WordPress without the hassle of setting up hosting, installing WordPress, a theme and plugins. Simply select the theme you like, enter your information and your site is created, with IDX installed and your navigation menu linked. There are some simple configuration tasks, like adding your logo and bio information, but these are made easy with a simple interface and direct links to site customization options.

You can customize your site further and add additional content as you learn the basics of WordPress, and iHomefinder Support is available to assist you with any questions you have.

I want to customize my website quite a bit. Is Optima OmniPress right for me?

Although you cannot install third party themes for use with Optima OmniPress websites, you can do quite a bit to customize your site using any one of the provided themes.

You can also install select plugins that have been approved and tested for compatibility with Optima OmniPress sites. If there’s a plugin you’d like that isn’t supported, it’s possible we can consider it for addition to the plugin library after testing.

We recommend using our Optima Express plugin on your own WordPress installation if you’re interested in making your own theme, using a third party theme, or adding a number of plugins that aren’t currently supported in OmniPress sites.

I have another website. Can I switch to an Optima OmniPress site?

Yes. The Optima OmniPress setup process is easy and takes just a few minutes to have a live WordPress website. If your current website is on WordPress, you can import your Pages and Posts so you won’t lose any valuable content you created. When your IDX is approved and your site content has been moved over, just change your domain name to point to your Optima OmniPress site.

Can OmniPress websites work with external lead management systems?

Yes! Lead forwarding options are included that can forward new leads to popular lead management systems or CRM’s. Read our Lead Forwarding knowledge base article to learn more.