IDX for Your Custom Website

Can Optima IDX accounts integrate with any website technology?

Our Optima IDX accounts are easily integrated using an “HTML wrapper” method or using framesets (iframes). We recommend the HTML wrapper method wherever possible but frameset integration may be necessary in some cases. Signing up for a free trial account is an easy way for web developers to get hands-on experience with the website integration process.

How am I notified when I get a lead?

Email notifications are sent immediately to your email address (and any number of additional email addresses you may choose to add) whenever a new lead registers. You can also log into the account Control Panel any time to review all of your leads and see their activity on your site. All of the lead activity on your site is also sent by email in a mobile-friendly report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Does Optima IDX integrate with Joomla or Drupal websites?

We do not currently offer IDX products that can be integrated with Joomla or Drupal websites. We are interested in supporting platforms that are in demand and may offer products for these platforms in the future if we determine the demand warrants the required development investment.

How do I integrate Optima IDX into my website?

After you sign up for a free trial account or a paid account, you’ll be referred to your account Control Panel with instructions for integrating Optima IDX into your site.

Using a free trial account is a great way for developers to get familiar with the integration process before committing to a paid account. Much of the integration work can be completed using a trial account. This can then be converted to a paid account when ready for launching on your site with search options for your MLS® System.

Click here to sign up for a free Optima IDX trial account.

How much can the display be customized?

Web developers can use CSS to customize many elements of Optima IDX and Optima Express, such as background colors, button colors, font attributes, and more.

Our free trial accounts allow web developers to explore the display styling options available.

Will Optima IDX match the look & feel of my website?

Yes. There are two options for integrating Optima IDX into your existing site. Your website developer can add the site branding directly to the Optima IDX pages by adding the required HTML code to your account pages. The second option is to use iframes to frame the IDX pages into pages on your website. In either case, CSS can be used to customize the styling of the IDX content.

Can I customize my search page to focus on my market area?

Yes. By default, every city covered by your MLS® System will be included in the city list on your search page. It’s easy to configure your search page to include only the areas that you primarily serve by creating a custom city list within the Control Panel.

Can I feature my own listings or my office’s listings?

Yes. All packages include a page featuring inventory listings. This page is automatically updated with your new listings as they enter the market. Off-market listings are removed, unless you opt to include them for display. If you don’t have any listings of your own, you can use your inventory page to highlight your office’s listings.

How do I direct users to my mobile site?

You can direct users on smartphones to your mobile site by adding the redirect code provided in the Control Panel to your website’s homepage. This will detect which users are on mobile devices and route them to the mobile version of your site.

If you’d rather not use a redirect, you can also offer a link on your site for mobile visitors to access the mobile IDX site included with your Optima IDX account.

Can Optima IDX work with external lead management systems?

Yes! Lead forwarding options are included that can forward new leads to popular lead management systems or CRM’s. Read our Lead Forwarding knowledge base article to learn more.